Looking for an attractive, cost-effective and fast solution for your windows or doors? Are you looking for temporary blinds or blackout blinds?

Our ReadyBlinds™ are easy to fit. No tools or brackets are required. Simply measure, cut, peel and stick.

You can cover every window in your home quickly and easily without the need for tools and remember,  ReadyBlinds™ don’t just have to be a temporary solution – their adhesive strips and durable and the paper they are made from is long-lasting.  They are extremely safe as they are cord free, so perfect for homes where kids are!

ReadyBlinds™ are:

  • child-safe (no cords)
  • recyclable
  • eco-friendly
  • sustainable
  • easily trimmed to fit your window
  • clean – no sticky residue left on the window
  • sleek & simply designed
  • installed in less than a minute
  • made in the USA